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Our rules state that one is not allowed to register domains that are used for:

  • I understand that it is prohibited to use any Registrar services to distribute any materials that encourage, promote, directly or indirectly, call to war, military action, justify war and/or military action, or any encroachment on territorial integrity and state sovereignty. I undertake to refrain from any actions that may violate this prohibition;
  • The distribution of child pornography (sites using the "image of children" as prohibited) *;
  • The dissemination of all types of illegal pornography;
  • Distribution of any information that encourages, depicts, propagandizes, directly or indirectly calls for war, military action, justifies war and/or military action;
  • Distribution of any information that encourages, promotes, incites national, racial or religious hatred, as well as information that constitutes incitement, appeal, justification, or encouragement of discrimination, hostility, or violence
  • Non-licensed materials distribution (content, torrent trackers, online cinemas, etc.) that violation of copyright;
  • Illegal mailing (spam);
  • Illegal distribution of pharmaceutical drugs;
  • The dissemination of false / malicious programs;
  • The dissemination of false / malicious codecs;
  • Illicitly obtaining personal information and hacking attempts (phishing, fraud, etc);
  • The promotion of violence / racism / drugs;
  • Scripts and / or software to automatically create accounts and automated creation of reports;
  • Resources, or advertising of products through mass mailings, automatically creating accounts and automated messages on third-party sites.
  • It is banned to use API for stealing the releasing domains (drops). If the rule is not observed, your account will be blocked. If you want to use the backorder service, write us to: support@AHnames.com

The user is absolutely responsible for the content he places on the registered domain name, to third parties as well.

We reserve the right to immediately suspend and/or terminate Your use of the Services, terminate Your account due to Your violation of any provision of this Policy, with or without notice. Prior to suspension or complete termination of Your use of the Services, We may, but not obligate to, together with You, try to eliminate violations of this Policy and ensure that such a violation does not recur, offer other options for eliminating the violation; however, We reserve the right to suspend or terminate providing the Services to You in the future.

Provided We suspend and/or terminate Your use of the Services due to Your violation of any provision hereof, You may request to refund the funds remaining on Your account in the Services. However, at Our sole discretion, due to Your breach of any provision of this Policy, We reserve the right to refuse the refund of such remaining funds to You until further resolution of the situation arising from Your breach of this Policy.

Contact information and information for Whois must be filled correctly. Accounts with false information can be blocked until correct information of the account/domain names’ owner is received. The user has to present the scan copies of a passport or some other document asked upon the registrar’s request within the shortest time, but not later than in 48 hours. If the demand is not fulfilled, the registrar is entitled to block the domain names until all circumstances are clarified.

The service Whois Protect serves to conceal the real data of the domain name owner to protect him from unwanted postal mailing, calls and other forms of advertising performed against the will of domain name’s owner. However, Whois Protect can’t be a reason or an instrument for breaking the current law or rules of this service.

The registrar has a right to shut off the client’s service in 72 hours after notification is sent to the user.

This list can be changed / supplemented without notice.

* Sites using the "image of children" are the sites at which there are images and / or videos that are similar / create the impression of child pornography, despite the fact that the model used is an adult (18 years and older).