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Domain Deletion Policy

Domains are registered for a specific period of time and can be renewed.

We will notify our clients about the ending date of their domain registration via email. A notification email will be sent to domain’s owner several times before the prepaid period ends and one time after domain’s expiration.

We will notify the clients 30, 14, 7 days and each following day prior to domain’s expiration as well as one time within 10 days after domain’s expiration. The notification letter will include instructions about domain’s renewal. If the client won’t renew the domain before its expiration date, domain can be deleted any time after the expiration date.

If the client has activated the "auto renewal" option, domain will be renewed for one year within 30 days before the prepaid period ends, considering there are enough funds on client’s balance. We tend to help our clients avoid accidental domain removing and because of that can but aren’t obliged to offer AutoRenew Grace Period after the expiration of domain’s renewal time.

AutoRenew Grace Period starts the next day after domain’s expiration date. At the moment we are trying to offer a grace period that lasts 35 days after domain expiration date. During this time clients can renew their domains. The grace period is not guaranteed and can be changed or terminated at any time without notification. Thus, to avoid domain cancellation, every client who wants to renew the domain should do that before it expires.

In case if domain is not renewed during the AutoRenew Grace Period, we will be forced to cancel domain registration. However, domain registrars may offer a service of restoring client’s deleted domain. In our turn we can but are not obliged to offer our clients the possibility of restoring the deleted domain. The Redemption Grace Period — RGP is not guaranteed or mandatory. At the moment, domain catalogues provide restoring services for domains that are deleted not later than 30 days. If there’s a technical possibility of restoring the domain name, the cost of such service is $100 plus the cost of one-year domain renewal according to current tariffs.

If domain is not restored during the Redemption Grace Period — RGP, it will go to "Pending Delete" mode for 5 more days. After 5 days domain and all the registration data assigned to it will be deleted and it will once again become available for registration.

If the domain name is a subject of a dispute according to Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy — UDRP and the registered period can expire or domain name may be deleted while the dispute continues, its owner can renew or restore the domain name but it will receive Registrar HOLD or Registrar LOCK status. Domain Whois will contain information that it is subject of a dispute. If the dispute ends or the arbitrator decides against initiating party, domain will be deleted within 45 days.